Client Ledger - Printing Simple Report - Prints with Wraparound to Next Line

This is an issue that Netsmart is working on: 
Here is a work around:

By client request, an innovation was introduced through a recent update. We expanded the Service Code length on the client ledger report from 10 to 20 characters which is causing a wrap around when printing in PDF. We are actively working on a solution but if you must print the ledger you can use the Crystal ledger or the following procedure in Word will produce a proper line:

1.       Run Client Ledger

2.       Save as a File (txt)

3.       Open the file in Notepad

4.       Select all data (CTRL A)

5.       Copy data (CTRL C)

6.       Open a blank Word document

7.       Paste (CTRL V)

8.       Change in Word:             

                     Layout -> Margins -> Narrow

                     Layout -> Orientation -> Landscape

                     Layout -> Size -> Legal

                     Select all data (CTRL A)

                     Home -> Font -> Courier New, 8

                     Print legal

Creation date: 4/21/2021 10:11 AM      Updated: 4/21/2021 10:11 AM