Horizon from Windows or other traditional computers

Launching in Browser
1. Bring up either Edge, Chrome, or Firefox
3. Select VMware Horizon HTML Access
4. Login using your full email and windows password
5. Select the computer which has been assigned to you

Launching from Application
1. Click on the desktop icon VMware Horizon Client or click on the start button and search for VMware Horizon Client
2. Click on the button for horizon.newvista.org. If the button has “add server” then click this and type in https://horizon.newvista.org
3. Select the computer which has been assigned to you

Installing Client
1. While being connected to our network, click on start and bring up software center
2. Under the applications tab, click Horizon Client and then Install*This will likely restart your computer once it installs so make sure you have everything you need to be saved*

Zoom can’t be used with Horizon. If Zoom is needed, then it will have to be run from Windows
If there are issues with Teams, Click on settings > Calls and Sharing > Change the switch for Allowing screen sharing for Microsoft Teams as a published application to ON
Horizon audio is determined by what you have set for your computer audio outside of Horizon. If you need to change this then you can go into settings > Real-Time Audio-Video and choose the webcam, microphone, and preferred speaker. After this is set, you will need to restart your horizon session.
If the computer won’t let you log in or you get a black screen while using the application version, click the ... on the computer you are trying to login to and select restart desktop
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